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E-books: Reading Ebooks

EBSCO eBooks


You do not need to create an Ebsco account to read e-books online.

Ebscohost screenshot showing a record for an ebook with different formats

Pdf: All eBooks are available in pdf. You can e-mail up to 30 pages to yourself--or someone else--in pdf format.

EPUB: Some eBooks are available in the EPUB format. This format is best if you are reading on smaller devices, as you can change the size of text. EPUB is not compatible with Internet Explorer browsers 7 & 8. When trying to open an EPUB format eBook in IE 7 or 8, you are prompted to upgrade your browser to IE 9.

Find out why a book might be unavailable.


Printing is restricted to 30 pages for online-only e-books and 60 pages for downloadable e-books. In order to print you must save or e-mail the pages to yourself and then print the pdf. 

Create an account (it's free) for personalization tools like organizing your research, saving your searches, sharing your research, taking notes, and more.



You do not need to create an account to read e-books online.

Entry for an ebook showing the cover, title, author, publisher, date and subjects

Check out Proquest's guide for using the online reader for tips on navigating, searching, and other cool stuff you can do.


eBrary clearly tells you how many pages you may print. When you hit the print icon, the pages you want to print are converted to pdf.

screen shot ebrary print allowances

Create a free account for personalization tools such as adding notes, highlighting, bookmarking, etc.

Example of text and markup tools of an e-book

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