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For instructors


A search in ATC's Library Portal will include our streaming films. But our collection is so good it warrants its own page and special mention!

Films on Demand

There are thousands of education video titles in Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Health, and Science. There are films from ABC News, BBC Worldwide Learning, HBO, PBS, and more. There are great documentaries including some by Ken Burns. 

To add a link to a film to your Blackboard course, click on  Share button

and copy the record URL without the proxy information (so start copying after url=)

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Feature films for educational use. Our subscription includes Good Hair, Brokeback Mountain, A Beautiful Mind, The Color Purple, and more.

To link to an individual film in your Blackboard, copy the DIRECT LINK and add it under build content, as a weblink. Do NOT use the LMS link. 

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Online films for educational institutions that provides students and faculty access. Our subscription includes:*

  1. Killing Us Softly - Advertising's Image of Women
  2. People Like Us - Social Class in America
  3. An Outrage - The History and Legacy of Lynching in the South 
  4. The Road To Brown 
  5. Whose History? - The Reckoning over Confederate Monuments and the Racial Terror of Lynching 

* Through April 12, Kanopy is offering additional films, as well as the Great Courses catalog, free of charge. See downloadable guide.


To add a link to a Kanopy film to your Blackboard course, click the Share button and copy the share link:


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