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You are searching Our Wonderful Library, or O.W.L.

What can I find in O.W.L.?

  • eBooks

  • Full-text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles

  • Online videos

  • Print books and magazines

  • DVDs

  • Athens Technical College archival material 

A search in O.W.L. includes material from most, but not all, databases provided by Athens Technical College and GALILEO. 

Is O.W.L. right for me?

Use O.W.L. if you:

  • Are looking for a book, dvd, or other physical item in the library collection

  • Want a combination of books, e-books and articles on a topic

  • Are just starting your research and want a wide variety of resources

  • Are looking for items specific to Athens Technical college (our archives)

However if you:

Are looking for extensive primary source collections (diaries, photos, etc.) you will find them in GALILEO


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Thanks to the University of Tennessee Knoxville Library for much of the information and phrasing used on this page.

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