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Anatomy and Physiology: Library Materials

Anatomy models for study use in the library

Anatomy CDs (Images and Tutorials)

A.D.A.M.-Animated Dissection of Anatomy of Medicine (Standard) CIRC. DESK QM 26 .A34 1995 CD + Guide    “Uses full-color illustrations, narrated animation, live-action video clips, and puzzles, to illustrate and teach human anatomy. Includes A.D.A.M. studio, a tool for creating software "books" and presentations using material on the standard disc.”

 A.D.A.M. Interactive Physiology: Instructor’s Guide CIRC. DESK QP 39 .I5 1997 CD

A.D.A.M. Interactive Physiology: Cardiovascular System CIRC. DESK QP 101 .I5 1997 CD

A.D.A.M. Interactive Physiology: Muscular System CIRC. DESK QP 321 .I5 1997 CD

A.D.A.M. Interactive Physiology: Nervous System CIRC. DESK QP361 .I5 1997

A.D.A.M. Interactive Physiology: Respiratory System CIRC. DESK QP 121 .I5 1997 CD

A.D.A.M. Interactive Physiology: Urinary System CIRC. DESK QP 247 .I5 1997 CD

 A.D.A.M. Practice Practical CIRC. DESK QM 26 .A33 1996 CD   “Designed for the graduate and undergraduate study of human anatomy. Contains more than 13,000 pinned anatomical structures and can present over 15,000 questions. In "review mode" the user can identify a pinned structure on an image, get immediate feedback on the structure's name, and also find other images in which the structure is identified. The "test mode" allows the user to create and take randomly-generated tests.”

 Bodyworks (5.0 Version) CIRC. DESK QP 33.6 .D88 B63 1995 CD

 Clinical Anatomy Interactive Lesson: A Multimedia Tutorial for Gross Anatomy  / Stanford University  CIRC. DESK QM 25 .A53 1997 CD

 The Complete Visible Human CIRC. DESK QM26 .C66 1998 2 CDs + GUIDE  “Contain the entire anatomical cross-section datasets of the Visible Male (VisMan) and Visible Female (VisWom), composed of 1878 and 5189 cross-section slices, respectively.

 Dynamic Human Anatomy (Version 2) / Arthur F. Dalley, Douglas F. Gould  CIRC. DESK QM 25 .D96 2005 CD

 Interactive Atlas of Clinical Anatomy / Frank H. Netter  CIRC. DESK QM 25 .N47 1997 CD + Guide

 The Netter Presenter  CIRC. DESK QM 25 .N48 2003 CD "Featuring images from the complete Atlas of human anatomy, 3rd ed

 The New Atlas of Human Anatomy  / Thomas McCracken  CIRC. DESK QM 25 .N48 2000 CD

Anatomy Video

3D head & neck anatomy for dentistry VIDEO QM535 .T74 2011


Here are some highlights from the library collection. You can search the catalog for more. Try searching for the words anatomy, physiology, or the phrase "human body".

UGA library card

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Interlibrary loan

Athens Tech library provides interlibrary loan services for its faculty, staff and students. If you need any material that you can't find in the library, please email your request to Qian Fang at

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