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New Faculty Orientation : Checklists


Complete the following:

  • Ethics-in-Action training (Contact HR if you have any questions).
  • Hazard Communication, Infection Control and Harassment Free Workplace training in Blackboard (See trainings directions handout received from adjunct coordinator)
  • FERPA  - Sign and return one copy to adjunct coordinator; keep other copy for files
  • Blackboard Training

Teaching your course

  • Get texts and any supplementary material
  • Use official syllabus & create syllabus addendum
  • ATC syllabus must be distributed to students either on paper or through Blackboard and reviewed in class. Must supplement with instructor-specific syllabus addendum (descriptions, supplies, contact info, overview of course, more detailed grade breakdown, class rules and regulations, etc.). Provide adjunct faculty with sample syllabus addendums.
  • Use Blackboad for gradebook and posting important class documents.
  • Print rosters/submit final grades through BannerWeb.
    • To print roster, select “Summary Class List” and print it
    • To enter final grades, select “Final Grades” and enter them
  • Keep attendance. Needs to be submitted at end of term. Date of last attendance needed for “F”s.
  • Report “no-shows” as directed by registrar.
  • If student does not show up by the “No Show” deadline, they are reported as a “No-Show” (check your ATC email regularly so you know when this deadline is).
  • If student contacts instructor (by phone, email, or in Blackboard) they are not a “No Show” even if they have never come to class.
  • When you get the email from the registrar, go to the link provided by her, and follow the instructions.
  • Save or print the report after submission.
  • If student is reported as a “No Show” and they request re-admission, it is up to instructor’s discretion. If decision is to re-admit, send email to registrar with the student’s full name and I.D. number, the CRN for the class and a request to re-enroll the student.



  • Set up an Intranet account
  • Request account through ATC faculty website
  • Check ATC email regularly
  • Check Blackboard class regularly
  • Communicate with students ONLY through ATC and Blackboard email
  • Know the difference between BannerWeb, Intranet, Blackboard, and ATC e-mail and what each are used for
    • BannerWeb- print class roll, submit final grades
    • Intranet- View course offerings, submit help requests (for Blackboard, equipment, and technology), sign up for Faculty/Staff Development
    • ATC email – Communications from dean, registrar, division admin assistant, students, etc.  PLEASE read through complete emails.
    • Blackboard – Online learning management system. MUST be used for posting grades and key course documents.  Post at least one announcement and faculty contact information.

Teaching Support

  • Get needed teaching supplies 
  • Become familiar with available library resources (tours, Galileo, etc.).
  • Learn about the ATC Academic Support Center – Tutoring services available. 
  • Make copies – Make needed copies but avoid excessive copying. Use Blackboard when appropriate.                        
    • Other campuses – Contact main office for campus copying access.

Emergency icon on instructor computer desktops in classrooms

Emergency evening support- JR Whitley, evening coordinator, 706-340-2765 (cell)  or office , J.R. - 706-355-5197     

Download a copy

If you prefer your cheklists in print or as an MS Word file, you can download the following:

Athens Campus Library: 706.355.5020 | Elbert County: 706.213.2116  | Walton County: 706.552.0909 | Greene County: 706.453.0536
email: Library Webmaster

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