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New Faculty Orientation : Email


Email: Once you have been hired, you will be getting an ATC email account.  Please make a habit of checking that account several times a week.  Pay special attention to any emails from Kala McNair (the college registrar), Mary Clare DiGiacomo (the dean of general education and online learning), the administration, your division, department AND your students, and reply to them promptly.  Your students may not know how to access their ATC email account if they are first semester students, so you cannot assume that they will read emails sent to them before the start of the semester. Once the semester starts, it might be a good idea to review with them the importance of checking their ATC email account. Information on how to do that is available through the ATC website à Current Students.

Checking your Email Off-Campus  

  • Go to
  • Hover over Resources and select Faculty & Staff
  • Click on Faculty/Staff Webmail
  • ATC Email (Login Name):   First Initial + Last Name
  • Password:    Received through email

Please note, however, all employee emails are permanently archived and cannot be deleted from the state archive.  E-mail inboxes are limited to 30MB capacity.  Please be very diligent in deleting old email and please keep your deleted items folder cleaned out. You may also want to periodically clean out your sent items folder.

Review the Internet and email use policies in the faculty handbook. If you need assistance submit a trouble ticket from the ATC Intranet.



Athens Technical College Policy: “When communicating with students via email, faculty should ONLY use the official email addresses to do so.  FERPA addresses the use of email to communicate with students. (1) FERPA states that the college must be able to authenticate identity of senders.  The only possible way to satisfy this requirement is to ensure that the college only communicates with students via official college-provided email addresses.  This applies to both faculty and students.  (2) Notification of grades via email is in violation of FERPA.  There is no guarantee of confidentiality on the Internet.  The college would be held responsible if an unauthorized third party gained access, in any manner, to a student’s education record through any electronic transmission method.   See

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email: Library Webmaster

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