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Using Powerpoint live!

Using PowerPoint Live

Using PowerPoint Live

PowerPoint live is an easy to use feature of your Microsoft 365 account that is more inclusive than using your typical slideshow button. ​Nothing special is needed! You can use PPT Live by logging into your ATC Microsoft account ONLINE and clicking the PPT button. ​

What is Powerpoint live?

With a computer or additional microphone (Bluetooth or corded), the PowerPoint Live software picks up your voice and gives you closed captioning [almost] instantly in any language the viewer chooses.​

How is PowerPoint Live inclusive?

In your online PPT interface, click the drop-down beside the present button at the top and choose

How do I present live?

Present the information as usual – the microphone will pick up your voice for closed captioning​  When you are finished, you can click

How do I present live?

If you have your PPTs set up for auto-save on OneDrive, you can find them in your account.​ ​  If your PPTs are located on your device, simply sign into your OneDrive and upload. Make sure they're named correctly so you can find them easily!​

Where can I find my powerpoints?

Note: You must have internet access to use PPT Live. Without WIFI, you will have to present from your downloaded file without closed captioning.​

Before you try out PowerPoint Live in front of an audience, practice solo or with a colleague to understand the ins and outs of using the feature.​

Practice practice practice!

Remember to have fun!


Impress with Adobe Express - Infographics

Impress with Adobe Express - Infographics

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