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The research process can be messy. As you explore background information, start reading articles and even begin to write, you might discover that you need to adjust your topic a little (or a lot). Perhaps you need scholarly articles and you can’t find any. Maybe you discover a more interesting aspect of your original topic. This is all part of the process. This is all research. This guide has divided the research process into five rough steps: 

Identify your question: choose a topic, identify keywords   explore background information  prepare a search strategy: databases, citationsevaluate what you find: relevance, credibility, types of sources, web contentuse and cite your sources: citing, avoid plagiarism

Picking your topic

Check out this great video from NC State Libraries about the research process.


UC Santa Cruz Library Start your research

UW Madison Writing Center

U Mich Library Finding and exploring your topic

The OWL at Purdue Research: Where do I begin?

Books about research

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