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Research & citing guide

Find an article

You can see a resource type in result lists in both O.W.L. and GALILEO:

OWL and GIL citations showing that they are articles


If you want your search results to only include articles, you can limit to articles (under format) in O.W.L., or you can limit to academic journals and/or magazines (under type) in GALILEO. What's the difference between an academic journal and a periodical? Check out our glossary of common source types.

If you find the article, but also find that ATC does not own it, you can contact us or fill out an interlibrary loan form, and we'll get it for you.


I need a scholarly article

Your instructor may tell you that you must use scholarly articles for your assignment. A scholarly article (or academic article, or peer reviewed article) is an article written by an expert in the field. If the article is peer reviewed, it has also gone through a review process and been reviewed by a panel of experts. Scholarly articles are published in scholarly journals, which are generally published by a university or a professional group. 

Here are some characteristics of a scholarly article:

  • Author affiliations will be listed

author affiliations

  • Sometimes the history of the article is printed

Publication history example


  • The vocabulary is often specialized
  • There will be a works cited or reference page at the end


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