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Identify keywords

Before you dive into your research, pull out your concepts and identify some keywords for searching. This will help you focus your research, and will also help when you are searching GALILEO. 

Unlike GOOGLE and other search engines, you can't type in an entire question or statement in a library database. Instead, you want to type in keywords.

Let's say your research question is: Can women really "have it all?"?

The concepts are:

1. Women

2. Family

3. Work

and probably the emotional aspects of trying to do this all at once.


Some keywords might be:

1. Women OR mothers OR moms

2. family OR household OR husband OR children

3. work OR career OR business OR success


As you progress through your research project, keep adding new terms to your list as you find them. Subject headings and article abstracts are particularly good places to look.

Identifying keywords

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