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A print book

If you want to find print books, you must search in O.W.L. You will not find them in GALILEO.

Library webpage showing OWL, the online catalog

Limit your search to On ATC Library Shelves:

shows On ATC library shelves limit

Locating a print book

Record for Catcher in the RyeTo locate a book in the library, you'll need the call number (in blue, above).

Athens tells you that the book is in the library on Athens campus. If your classes are on a different campus, we can send the book from Athens to that campus, for example Walton.
Shelves is the part of the library the book is in. Different parts of the library include shelves, reference, video, popular, etc.
PS3537.A426 C315 1991 is the book's call number. This number is what you will look for on the shelf.

Reading a call number:

Start with the first letter in the call number. If the call number is HQ1762 .W63 1998, the first letter is H.

  • Within the H's, you will find just H, then HA, HB, HC... and so on down to HQ.
  • Once you find the HQ's, look for 1762. (So HQ100 would come before HQ 1000 which comes before HQ1762.) This is a whole number.
  • Once you find HQ1762, look for the letter W.
  • Once you find HQ1762 .W, look for .63 - and note that this number is a decimal number, not a whole number.
  • Keep going until you find your book!
  • The last number is often the year the book was published or the copyright date.

If you don't find what you are looking for, remember we are happy to help!


Athens Campus Library: 706.355.5020 | Elbert County: 706.213.2116  | Walton County: 706.552.0922 
email: Library Webmaster

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