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Research & citing guide


Images make your presentations more appealing. When choosing images, you need to be mindful of copyright. Copyright laws protect the people who create "original works of authorship" (books, pictures, songs, etc.). This page highlights some places you can look for images.

Note that these guidelines are suggestions and not legal statements.


You can find images by doing an advanced image search with GOOGLE. Under usage rights,choose Free to use or share.

Or you can just do a GOOGLE image search and click on Search tools, then Usage rights.

Google image search screen search with usage rights circled

Britannica Academic

Britannica Academic has some images that are licensed under Creative Commons. You can browse media, and you will see copyright information on the bottom left:

Screenshot showing image copyright information

Other sites for freely-available images

The Commons

Creative Commons  allows you to use certain images, media, and music, for free. Most of it is licensed as "some rights reserved," which means that you must give attribution (credit).

Here is more information on attribution with an example of an ideal attribution.

Here is an example from the commons on FLIKR:

You can click on "Some rights reserved" to see the license:

If I am using the NY Public Library photo, I would put my attribution in small font right underneath:

Image credit: NY Public Library 17 by Michael Hummel.

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