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Research & citing guide

Which sources did you use?

It is important that you give credit to the people whose works contributed to your ideas. This is done by including a BIbliography or Works Cited page. It is critical to  avoid plagiarism, and also a bibliography is useful providing other resources for someone else who is researching your topic, or an aspect of your topic.

There are different ways of citing your sources, depending on which style you are using. Your instructor should tell you which one to use. Each style has its own manual. 

The best online source for APA and MLA styles is the OWL at Purdue.



Tips for Using Microsoft Word for Citing:

1) Check with your instructor to see which edition of APA they prefer you to use. The newer 7th ed has several differences than the 6th ed.

2) If you can use APA 6th, you can use the APA template in Microsoft Word to have your header and page numbers already set up. 

3) To create hanging indention for your References page:

  •      Highlight your reference citations.
  •      Click on Paragraph on the Word toolbar.
  •      Select Special and change to Hanging.
  •      Voila!



The Purdue OWL Chicago webpage is excellent as well.

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