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Library student assistants: Customer service

Customer service is very important!

You are the face of the library! Support is a big part of what we do. We support students, faculty, and community folks to do whatever they need to do in the library. You as a student assistant are responsible for providing many of the services the library offers: checking out materials, suggesting resources, helping to print, etc. It is very important that you provide these services professionally and in a friendly manner.

People must have a good experience when they come into the library, and good interactions with library staff. The video below demonstrates the right (and wrong!) way to interact with people who come into the library. Sometimes it takes patience, but treat people the way you would want to be treated.


Answering the phone

When you answer the phone, say "Athens Technical College Library. How can I help you?"

If you are at a branch, you add" "Athens Technical College Library, Elbert County campus. How can I help you?"

When you are at work


  • Look up and greet every person who comes in the door. Even just a smile will do.
  • If you must wear earbuds at the desk, only wear one.
  • Do not eat or drink at the desk (water is fine).
  • If someone asks you something and you are unsure of the answer, go get a librarian. You are not bothering us; we actually like helping people.
  • If nothing is going on, it's perfectly fine for you to do school work. Just pay attention to what's going on around you and look up every once in awhile.

Athens Campus Library: 706.355.5020 | Elbert County: 706.213.2116  | Walton County: 706.552.0909 | Greene County: 706.453.0536
email: Library Webmaster

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