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Library student assistants: Alma

What is Alma?

Alma the staff side of O.W.L. There is a record in ALMA for everything (and more) that you can search for in O.W.L. We use the records to keep track of what we have and to whom we lent something, which campus it's on, etc. 

In addition to records for our stuff, there are records for people who use our stuff. There is a record for every registered student, staff, and faculty. We can also input records by hand for community users. That way we know who has borrowed what, when they need to return it, etc.


To log on:

  • Click on the desktop shortcut for Alma
  • Login using the credentials that will be typed by the computer:
  • Check the top right of your screen to make sure you are in the correct location. If you are in Athens, it should say Athens Circ. In the image below, we are signed on at Elberton Circ.

Alma welcome screen

If someone wants to borrow a book:

  • Click on fulfillment (circled above)
  • Click on Manage patron services
  • Look up the patron. You can use their name or their student ID number

    find patron

  • Scan the barcode (make sure it is the Athens Technical College barcode--usually on the upper left corner of the book cover)
  • You can renew an item from this screen too. Click the box next to the title they want to renew, and then click Renew Selected.Alma patron record

To return an item in Alma, again click on Fulfillment then Return items and scan the ATC barcode.

fulfillment menu

Athens Campus Library: 706.355.5020 | Elbert County: 706.213.2116  | Walton County: 706.552.0909 | Greene County: 706.453.0536
email: Library Webmaster

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