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Library student assistants: Opening


A word about schedules

Schedules are made every semester, and for breaks. We expect reliability. If you are unable to work your shift please let your supervisor know as soon as possible (some of us commute to work and can't be there in 10 minutes to cover for you).

Remember, if you work 6 hours or more you must take an unpaid 30 minute break.


  1. Turn on circ desk computer(s)
  2. Turn on lights
  3. Enter your start time in Team Georgia
  4. Athens campus: Unlock the doors using the Allen wrench on the cabinet near the mail baskets.
  5. Turn on computers
  6. Athens campus: Collect newspapers and any returned books from book drop. Also collect returned Key Notebook, if any. 
  7. Athens campus: Deliver 2 copies of the newspapers and Key Notebook, if any, to the President's Office, 

Athens Campus Library: 706.355.5020 | Elbert County: 706.213.2116  | Walton County: 706.552.0909 | Greene County: 706.453.0536
email: Library Webmaster

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