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Library student assistants: Common questions/help


Here are some common questions we see, and how to handle them. Remember we do everything patiently.

You will help many students and community people print. There are a couple ways to print in the library. The most common is printing from the copier. The cost is .05 per page (even if they print double sided, it's 2 pages). There is a machine that accepts money:

money machine for copier

To print, make sure the chosen printer is Xerox Altalink. Check the options they want (which page(s), double sided or not, etc). Then go to the copier and press "Jobs" and the job will show up there. Press "Print"

The library also  has Wepa printers. These cost .10 per page, and .50 per page for color prints. Patrons can create an account at the Wepa website, and add money to it, so no cash necessary for printing. They can also pay for printing from a Wepa machine with a credit or debit card. Be aware that .45 is added per transaction.

I can't log onto Blackboard!


Depending on which campus you are on, you may hear this a lot. You can help students troubleshoot.

1. Remind them that their Blackboard username only the part before

2. Ask them if they are able to log into their email. If so, they can try to change their password there (upper right corner, click the circle with their initial).

3. If they are on their own device, have them try clearing their search history/cache. 

4. If they are on their own device, have them try to logon from a library computer.

5. If they still can't log in, they can request a password reset. From the Athens Technical College Website go to Resources -->Student Technology --> Password help. click I need a new password, then click Request assistance:

illustration of instructions


For more information see the library FAQ What if I can't access my blackboard? Feel free to come get one of us if you are unable to help.


Can I "rent" my textbook here?

Textbooks are a confusing issue around here. Things to be aware of:

  • We do check out textbooks to duel enrolled students (high school students taking college classes)
  • We do not check out textbooks to other students.
    • If someone asks about getting a textbook, ask if they are in high school. 
    • If they are not, send them to the bookstore. Lots of people confuse the library and the bookstore.
    • If they really wanted to check and see if we have a copy of their textbook to loan, you can go ahead and look it up in O.W.L. 
      • Chances are we won't have it, or we might have an older edition on the Shelves
    • We might have a copy of their textbook on reserves. They are welcome to use that but reserves have very short loan periods and in most cases must be used in the library. So, while someone might want to use a reserve book while waiting for their book to come in, for example, it's really no substitute for having their own.
  • Your experience as a student is valuable here. 
    • People hang signs advertising textbooks for sale around the student center and outside the library. Have you seen one?
    • Where do you get your books? ATC bookstore? Chegg? Amazon? Do you rent or buy? You might know something they haven't thought of.

Do you have my advisor's phone number?

You can look up any ATC faculty or staff member in the staff directory. Go to the Athens Technical College homepage, scroll down to the bottom, and click Faculty and Staff Directory under Important links:

Faculty & staff directory link


Do you guys have a fax machine?

Elbert and Walton campuses do not have a fax machine for public use.

Athens does. Patrons give what they need faxed to you, and you fax it. The fax machine is by the archives computer. This is free of charge.

Athens Campus Library: 706.355.5020 | Elbert County: 706.213.2116  | Walton County: 706.552.0909 | Greene County: 706.453.0536
email: Library Webmaster

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